Important Points

We provide customized web pages for you. You change portions of these pages to sell your products.

We can automatically connect you to Paypal's credit card payment system! Paypal will process the credit cards for you.

You have a 30 day free trial before you pay!

Congratulations, Barack Obama on becoming President of the USA. You can bring up the Wikipedia article on Barack by doing the following: 1) Clicking on "GoogleTrans" link so that it is ON. 2) Positioning the cursor over the 'Barack' word just above and hit the SHIFT key. 3) Clicking on 'Wikipedia?' in the popup window. 4) Clicking on 'Barack Obama' in the next popup windows.

Welcome to Cottage Ecommerce

Check out the new SecureCottage Reference Portal. It's like the Google toolbar translation feature, only it translates between 51 other languages (not just English like the toolbar) on almost any webpage in the world. And there are no installs. It's not a toolbar; it's a webpage that accurately displays other webpages and allows popup foreign language translations of any word in the webpage, and does Wikipedia Lookups on any term in the webpage whether it is a link or not! This project is now an open source project hosted at codegoogle under the name googletrans.

GoogleTrans is now available as a Greasemonkey script. As a greasemonkey script GoogleTrans can do cursor hover/dictionarylookup/wikipedialookup on all webpages that appear on your Firefox browser. See here for more info on this.

Or turn on the Translation Popups feature on this website by clicking on the Translation Popups link above. Any website can be enabled with Translation Popups and/or Wikipedia Lookups by importing two javascript files into your website.

Do you want to sell your book or craft item

and do all this within an afternoon.

What you get from SecureCottage for 50 Australian dollars a year! (30 day free trial included).

Take the Four Steps to establish an account with SecureCottage, and find out more.

Or try some demos. Contact us with any queries!

  1. The ordering demo will show you how your client orders and how You decrypt your client's order on your own machine.
  2. The Web Page Customizing demo will show you how our stock ecommerce web page becomes Your ecommerce web page selling your product instead of ours. It's quick and easy.
  3. Our RSA demonstration page shows you how a web page can strongly encrypt form data, using a 1280 bit RSA key.