Important Points

We are an Australian business.

The founder has over ten years experience in the programming industry.

We believe you should be able to market your goods on the Internet easily and inexpensively.

About SecureCottage

SecureCottage offers the SecureCottage Ecommerce System to individuals and small business people who need to sell between one and ten items on the Internet.

The founder of SecureCottage is Paul Cheffers. Paul has over ten years experience in the computer industry as well as three years as an Internet System Administrator. He has a Master's degree in Software Engineering from the Australian National University, and has a Postgraduate Diploma with Distinction in Computer Science from Curtin University. Paul also has an Australian computer Petty Patent involving work he did on the PCTTY computer program, a freeware Windows TTY emulator for the deaf.

The author also wrote the SATCH computer program, the first version being written at the Boston University Academic Computing Centre on the VPS/VM operating system in 1984.

You can also see some of Paul's poems here.

Paul worked with one of the major Ecommerce companies of Perth, Western Australia, and noted the difficulty small people had getting a web ecommerce presence. He has created SecureCottage to market the idea of Cottage Ecommerce to allow small business and individuals to market their wares on the web without hassle and difficulty.

In a globalised world your job can be moved anywhere in the world whenever it is convenient for the corporation or company for which you work. It follows that you should, in return, be able to use the Internet to market your goods, and also to buy the goods you need at the best possible prices.

SecureCottage allows you to do this with the SecureCottage Ecommerce System, which allows you to securely sell your wares on the Internet without siting your HTML pages on a secure web server (HTTPS) and without having to deal with third party CGIs and PHP scripts.