Important Points

No need for secure web pages. No HTTPS.

Customizeable web pages that turn into your ecommerce web pages selling your goods in two to three hours.

You have a 30 day free trial before you pay!

The chief advantages for using the SecureCottage Ecommerce system are:

  1. Free Customizeable Ecommerce Web Pages. Just sign up for the 30 day free trial and you can then change our bookselling ecommerce pages into your ecommerce web pages selling your products. Within two to three hours you can have ecommerce web pages selling your products taking credit card orders.
  2. You can take your own credit card details on these pages or you can use the paypal option to have paypal take your credit cards with no upfront fees.
  3. You can use the customized web pages zipped up and emailed to you so that you can upload them to your own web pages.
  4. You do not need to site anything on a secure web server (HTTPS). Siting on a secure web server can be costly and difficult to set up, and is a significant hurdle for merchants wishing to sell on the Internet.
  5. You do not need to code any credit card HTML pages. SecureCottages generic creditcard web page will accomplish this for you.
  6. Your client's order and credit card details are encrypted, using 1024 bit RSA encryption, before they leave the client's computer, and not decrypted until you perform the deciphering tranformations on your own merchant computer. Privacy is maintained from the time your client orders on his own PC to the time you read his order on your own PC.
  7. Nobody in between can decipher your client's order or credit card details. SecureCottage does not know your client's order or card details, and neither does anybody else.
  8. SecureCottage uses a double encryption mechanism whereby Transport Layer encryption (HTTPS) and Application Layer Encryption (SecureCottage web page encryption) are both used to encrypt the client's order. Any inadequacy in the web browser encryption, such as International strength encryption, is covered by the SecureCottage Application layer of software encryption.
  9. Since SecureCottage enables the ordering web page to do 1024 bit RSA encryption, the notification methods of Ecommerce can use insecure methods of transport, such as email, and this simplifies low volume Ecommerce needs.