Important Points

You can be on any browser to do the ordering demonstration

You can decrypt your sample order using LINUX but for the actual real order you need to be on Windows using IE or Firefox.

A Demonstration of the SecureCottage Ecommerce Ordering System.

Please type the email address below you would like the encrypted demo order to be emailed.

Please enter your email address:

You will order some books, give a fake credit card number, and be directed to an invoice print page. When this happens, an email will appear in your email queue. You will then be able, using SecureCottage web pages, to decrypt this order, and see how you would function as a SecureCottage merchant.

Please hit the 'Demo Order' button to begin your sample Ecommerce order.

Then look in your email queue and follow the instructions in the email.

This will show you the possibilities of the SecureCottage Ecommerce system, and how it can help you be an Ecommerce merchant on the Internet.

Or you can now return to the