Important Points

Set up customized web pages.

Receive encrypted orders in emails from SecureCottage.

Decrypt these orders using our secure decryption web page and your private RSA key held in the registry of your own computer.

In order to use the SecureCottage Ecommerce System you need to:

  1. Sign up for a no obligations free 30 day trial period using the '30 day trial' menu item at the top of the web page. This six step process will set you up to be a temporary SecureCottage Ecommerce client.
  2. Customize the web ecommerce pages we provide you. Change our sample web pages to become your web ecommerce pages by going to the profile after you have signed up for the 30 day free trial and gone to the profile.
  3. When your client hits the submit button on your order form his order will be encrypted with 1024 bit RSA web page encryption and a Secure Credit Card page (featuring the browser lock) will ask for his credit card details. From there an email with the encrypted order and the encrypted credit card information will be sent to you. OR, if you are using the Paypal Option, your client will be directed, after his order is emailed to you, to the Paypal real time Credit Card system. (You need to sign up for a merchant account with Paypal for this to happen, but these accounts are free).
  4. You will read the email, select and copy the text within the email
  5. You will paste this portion into a secure decryption web page. A link to this page is contained within the email.
  6. You will select the email address for which you are decrypting (usually you will only have one) and hit the decrypt button.
  7. The contents of your client's encrypted form will then become visible to you and you can proceed to satisfy the order.