Important Points

You must be on Internet Explorer or FireFox II to sign up.

You need to have Java installed on your PC.

You get a directory for your customized web pages on our website.

You create 1280 bit RSA keys

The private key is stored on your machine.

The public key is published to SecureCottage.

Signing Up for SecureCottage Ecommerce System

Signing up for the SecureCottage Ecommerce System is easy and does not require paying any money for 30 days. You have 30 days to use our customizeable web pages we prepare for you or to interface your web pages with SecureCottage and to test the Ecommerce System. You are not obligated to pay SecureCottage even if you sign up. Your membership will simply be suspended if you do not pay.

Signing up means that a 1024 bit private RSA key will be placed in the file system of your computer. This means that you need to be on the computer you intend to use as an Ecommerce merchant, that is, the computer your use at home or at work.

Signing up is a four step process. Each step is explained as you go.

You can begin this, step by step, no obligations incurred, by proceeding to